Acne is All We Do!

Proderma's Acne Clearing System offers a comprehensive protocol that will clear your acne condition in just 4-12 weeks.  The duration of each individual will vary depending on each case and it's severity. 


Our clinical proprietary of products are user friendly, pleasantly aromatic that deliver quick results which are then combined with short therapeutic weekly treatments that are slowly modified after each visit.  This not only rapidly clears the complexion, but will also increase the post wound healing left from the trauma of the acne.  As the acne is slowly extinguished, the inflammation and blemishes diminsh bringing it to a complete arrest. Once this has been achieved the complexion is clear and you are finished.   A peronalized home care maintenance program will be outlined that should be closely adhered to in order to maintain a control.


In addition, we provide an optimal level of care until you are completely clear. Education is provided in understanding the disease and it's risk factors along with tools and support that are necessary in maintaining your new complexion. 


Each visit is carefully documented along with careful instructions both verbal and written so it will be followed with accuracy.  An email is then sent after each visit with an update of progress and any questions you may have.


Lastly, we offer 24/7 care and support along with hand holding should you encounter any bumps along the way.


Julie P. from Laguna Beach, CA had this to say from a Yelp review:

Amazing results!  Will you have to be deligent for home care? Yes. Will it work? Absolutely.  I had some questions going into my son's (13 yo) initial consultation. 1. Yay! No systemic antibiotics or drugs with extremely powerful side effects. 2. This is a conservative approach with a low side effect profile. 3.  Will it work? With good home care (your instructions will be easy to follow) the treatment will absolutely. 4. Is the treatment pricey? Sort of: yes it is more than over the counter drug store remedies.  But those weren't coming close to working for my son. Is it expensive compared to repeated dermatologist visits and prescription medication? No.



We are covered under the majority of these plans.



Although we do not provide health insurance billing, we can provide to you an itemized bill that you may submit to your insurance company for re-imbursement. We will provide the insurance codes upon request.


We Provide Treatment for Your Acne Scars!

Acne sufferers will be pleased to know that we offer a treatment system designed to aid in the healing of their scarring. The duration and cost of each client's treatment program will depend on the severity and areas needing addressing.

Our radio-frequency microneedle machine works by using microneedles to safely deliver fractional radio-frequency energy to specific locations into the dermis, a deeper skin layer. This energy kickstarts the body's natural production of collagen and elastin, and as the collagen is released and goes to work, it restructures the skin layers resulting in healthier, younger looking skin. 

RF microneedle treatments are safe and effective on all skin types and treatments can be performed on other parts of the body as well.

Benefits of RF microneedle treatments include:

  • reduction of acne scars
  • tightening of the skin
  • improved skin tone and texture
  • reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

Each treatment session will last about 45 minutes. It is important to note that the results are not immediate, but will appear gradually over time. A recommended 4-6 treatments are needed to produce optimal results. As the treatment is minimally invasive, there is no downtime. The client can expect to experience a sunburn feeling and redness that should last just a day or two.


How Long Do the Results Last?

While each individual's results may vary, results will last up to a year after the most recent RF microneedling treatment.


What Should I Do Before and After My Treatment?

Take care to avoid any skin treatments at least a week prior to your RF treatment. This includes waxing, peeling, laser, and any other types of skin resurfacing. If you plan on being exposed to the sun both before and after treatments, make sure you apply sunscreen.

Avoid vigorous workouts, sauna/pool use, and makeup until any redness and swelling has gone away. Avoid hot water and showers for a day. Do not scrub, scratch, or rub the treated area until the skin is healed. 


Clients who are interested in receiving treatments for their post acne scarring or for the anti-aging benefits are encouraged to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss program details.





FAQ's About Proderma's Acne Clearing System

1How long will it take for my skin to clear?

Each individual and the severity of their case is unique, however most people clear within 4-12 weeks.


2. What is the cost of Proderma's Acne Clearing System?

We never give prices without a consultation. However, it will vary depending on the severity of each individual.


3Will I need to follow a home care regimen?

Yes, your home care regimen is an essential part in maintaining your clear complexion. 


4. Will I have breakouts after I am clear?

Yes, from time to time you will have a breakout however, you will have a home care regimen that will keep it under control.  


5How are your products different from other acne solutions?

Our products are clinically modified from our labs and chemist especially for the treatment of acne. They are also plesantly aromatic, therefore you will look forward in using them. This will assist in consistent home care.


6. Will I see results right away?

Yes, from one day to the next you will see a reduction in redness and inflammation.


7. What can I expect during Proderma's Acne Clearing System?

You will experience a period of being dry and peely which is crucial to the clearing process.


8. Are there any drugs that are prescribed?

No. We are not a physician's clinic and cannot prescribe any medications.


9. After I'm clear will I have scarring? 

In most cases this is usually caused by the acne condition and will take two to three months to heal after you have cleared.


10. Will I need to keep using the products once I finish Proderma's Acne Clearing System?

We recommend that you stay on just a few of the  products to maintain your beautiful complexion.



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