For a medical condition such as acne that effects 85% of all Americans and one that has a far reaching impact on our emotional and physical self-esteem, that transends even into our adult lives,  takes little priority in finding new treatments and solutions.



Acne is not a moneymaker.  For the medical community acne is not profitable enough.  The hefty returns are in anti-aging.  Just look around in the past ten years, the technology of ingredients and the new apparatus that continues to explode in comparison to the advances that have been made in acne.  It's our love affair with looking young that fuels the research and development companines in competition with each other to find the next new age-less resolve.  For the acne sufferer, there have been very few and those that have of course are the new drugs with their clever marketing names, that are combined with old ingredients that have been around since the Flinstones.  As for the new lasers and light therapies, their perfomance in solving the problem have been few. 



Acne is just not taken seriously. Even the perceception about this medical disease has had little progression and still today we believe the ancient myths that it will just go away and that it is a teen thing that you will outgrow or a passage of time.  Since acne is a genetic defect in the follicle walls, it does not just correct itself and seldom does it retire, just ask your 40 year old friend if their acne and scars today are still impacting their lives?

On the contrary, anti-aging of course is not a disease, yet it takes presidence over acne, the money we will invest on our face fillers, tightening and lifting devices along with supplements, plastic surgery, face creams and apothecary etc. are still a primary concern.


Suffering with acne is not taken lightly for the person that has to wear it and certainly in today's society, we hope it can gain more understanding in regards to it being expected to be a bargain.  

If a clear complexion is important to you or a loved one and taking oral drugs is not an option, then Proderma's Acne Clearing System might be your resolve in acheiving a clearer, smoother, and more radiant complexion.


With over 30 years experience, Proderma Acne Clinic specializes in only the treatment of acne and has cleared thousands of cases. 

There are no doctors here, just a specially trained esthetician who herself has suffered with the disease and was trained by a research scientist/doctor that was born with the disease and dedicated his life to it's cause and study in an effective way in which to treat it. Thus he devised a clinically proven system that had been applied in all  of his acne clinics throughout the United States. Today Proderma Acne clinic has followed the same treatment protocol.


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